Guaranteed Life Insurance

Guaranteed life insurance that requires little or no medical history and no exam is available on the internet and sometimes from your insurance broker. Guaranteed life insurance is literally guaranteed, that is to say, once the premium is paid, and without regard to medical history or current state of health, if the policy holder should happen to die, outside of some restrictions, then a death benefit is guaranteed to be paid out.

In fact, true guaranteed life does not require you to undergo a medical examination nor does it requires a medical history to be completed. But there are some disadvantages. Premiums tend to be much higher, and there are very often clauses that let an insurer simply refund premiums rather than a death benefit if a policy holder dies within a certain period of time after obtaining the policy.

It's always worth comparing the price of a guaranteed life insurance policy against the cost of any other type of life insurance, for example permanent life insurance. Sometimes the conversion benefits of guaranteed life insurance will be based upon employment termination but other benefits like a waiver of premiums for terminal illness and death within 1 year are also possible. Being totally disabled will often also mean a policy holder can have his or her premiums waived on a guaranteed life insurance policy. Some insurance companies even offer counseling services to the survivors.

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