Term Life Insurance Rate

4 Type Term Life Insurance Rate

There are various categories of term life insurance rate available. Keep in mind, different life insurance companies may have different names for these terms but they generally represent the how a life insurance company would qualify someone:

Preferred plus Term Life Insurance Rate: To qualify for this rate, you must be in excellent overall health. You cannot have a life threatening profession or have any history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Preferred Term Life Insurance Rate - You cannot use tobacco in any form to qualify for this rate. There can be no history of drug or alcohol abuse or any engagement in any hazardous activities.

Standard Term Life Insurance Rate - This rate applies to people with some minor health issues in their lifetime. These could include those who are 50 pounds overweight or have cholesterol levels of over 260.

Substandard Term Life Insurance Rate - For those with more than minor health problems, substandard rates will apply. Most companies will add to these premiums depending on the risk factors involved.

Now that you know on what basis your premium rate is fixed, it will be easier for you to decide upon which policy works best in your favor. Shop around, clarify any doubts and always ask your agent questions about how to get the best term life insurance rate applicable on your on life insurance policy.

AccuQuote is a leader in providing term life quotes to people across the United States. In 1986 it began operating with a single goal: to make the process of buying term life insurance as easy as possible for its customers. Their experienced professionals consistently deliver the most affordable term life insurance rate by comparing thousands of life insurance policies from dozens of top-rated carriers.

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